Welcome to the flower fam

No gas, more fun.
Working on the Bridge...

Follow me into the oasis

What are we?

Flower Fam is about spreading peace and prosperity. 

We do this with the help of our unique P2E ecosystem, the Oasis.

Here you can connect with like-minded people, have a good time, and relax while your flowers earn $honeycoin.

Power to the Flowers. 

The Oasis

This is where flowers bloom, bees roam free and $honeycoin flows.


Every week, flowers come together and organize and play for 60% of the royalties on secondary sales.

Rules are simple: Every flower has a 10% chance to win. The rarer the species of your flower, the more you can take home.


$honey is the ERC-20 utility token that drives everything inside the Oasis. Flowers love it. 

You can make $honey through winning in the weekly harvest games or by staking your flowers or bees in the Oasis. 

Mo honey, Mo money.


Flowers love hanging out in the Oasis.

If you stake them there, they reward you with $honey.

The rarer the species of your flower, the more $honey it earns in the weekly harvest, and when you stake it in the ecosystem.


Bees are $honey-making machines.

Flowers love to be surrounded by bees. If you stake them together in the Oasis, the $honey printing machine goes Brrrrrrr….

The flowers

50% of the weekly harvest


20% of the weekly harvest


20% of the weekly harvest


8% of the weekly harvest


2% of the weekly harvest

Explore the
flower ecosystem

Welcome to your new home, the Oasis.

Completely Gas-free soon on L2.

Explore the oasis
Meet the flower team

CEO + Co-Founder

Lil Lotus



Lead Artist


Tokenomics Advisor


Community Lead


Partnership Lead


Oasis Architect


Oasis Advisor


Lead Engineer

1. Where can I enter the Oasis?
2. In how many rarities do Flowers come?

5 in total. The rarer the species of your flower, the more it will produce when staked and the more it can win in the Weekly Harvest Games.

3. What’s honey, can I eat it?

$honeycoin is the ERC-20 utility token that powers everything inside the Oasis.

Use it to upgrade your flower, attract bees, plant seeds, or trade it back on the open market to support other projects. 

4.How can I generate $honeycoin? 

Stake your flowers, feed your bees and head over to Bob's Shop to plant new Seeds.

5. Do I own the IP rights of the flowers?

Yep. Do whatever you want with them.

6. Do flowers like gas fees?

Definitely not, they need air to grow and thrive. They prefer ERC-721A. We kept interactions in the Oasis to a minimum, so our Flowers have enough air to grow.

7. What can I do with $honeycoin?

Attract bees, plant seeds, upgrade your flower. Or trade it back to ETH to support other projects that you believe in.

8. What's happening in the next months? 

A new secret creature called the Gardeners is set to arrive in late 2023.
Use them to pair them with your Flowers, Gardens and Bees.
What's a garden without a gardener? 

9. What's next?

Flowers are moving to L2. That means no gas, more fun and more burning of $hc.