Solidity NFT Expert

The Role

Flower Fam is looking for a Solidity Engineer with proven experience coding, optimizing, and implementing complex smart contracts. You’ll join a highly technical and enthusiastic team with a deep knowledge of DeFi and other blockchain technologies. In our ecosystem, you’ll develop and test Solidity smart contracts and also oversee the development of automated systems that interact with these smart contracts on our blockchain. Your skillset will bring immediacy and certainty to Flower Fam’s transactional model, establishing efficiency, trust, and security as pillars of our brand and platform. 

Your Profile
  • 5+ years of programming experience and 2+ years of specific experience writing, testing, deploying, and verifying Solidity applications
  • Passionate about the crypto space as it pertains to new developments, tools, releases, and the latest features of the Solidity language
  • Able to document work in simple terms for the UI team to integrate.
  • Able to work on a team, take part in audit sessions (and create remediation documents), and follow Agile-like processes.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment 
  • A professional level of written and spoken English
How you can stand out
  • You have worked with L2s or different side chains before
  • You know how low-level parts of the Ethereum blockchain function, specifically
  • How Ethereum stores state and related data structures
  • Knowledge of EVM, opcodes, etc.
  • Knowledge of Solidity and ABI (eg. variable mapping to storage slots)
  • You have experience with
  • GraphQL API
  • Ethereum blockchain test tools (e.g.Truffle, Embark, Hard Hat, etc.)
  • Writing automation tests
Flower Fam Benefits
  • 100% company paid medical/dental/vision insurance
  • A competitive salary based on your experience
  • Work with inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world
  • Help shape the core DNA of the Flower Fam platform
  • Be at the cutting edge of web3 technology as well as developments in the NFT space 
  • Access to WL spots for future drops from our exclusive partners 
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